How to update your pilotMap

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In October & November 2023 and April 2024, the FAA updated the API and Dataservers for METARs. To assist you with this change, we’ve created a simple guide in the video below detailing restoring your map’s functionality. Should you prefer professional assistance, kindly reach out to us at [email protected].

First, you need to find the IP address of your map. Please follow this tutorial to do so.

Latest File update: 12 April 2024 (links below)

Scroll down for a Mac user guide.

PC User Guide #

  1. Download & Install WinSCP:
  2. Install & Launch WinSCP:
    • If the login window isn’t automatically visible, select “New Session”.
  3. Download the updated files for your map.
    Right-Click on each file and select “Save link as” to download
    or download the ZIP file:
  4. Setup Connection:
    • Choose “New Site”.
    • Input the IP address of your map into the “Host name” field.
    • Set the User name as: pi
    • The password is: livesectional
  5. Advanced Settings:
    • Click on “Advanced”.
    • Navigate to “SFTP” and paste this text: sudo su -c /usr/lib/sftp-server
      into the “SFTP server” field.
    • Confirm by pressing “OK”.
  6. Initiate Connection:
    • Click “Login” to connect to your map.
  7. Navigate to Root Folder:
    • Continuously click on the two dots until you reach the root folder.
    • From there, select the “Neosectional” directory.
  8. Transfer Files:
    • Drag and drop the four specified files into the folder.
  9. Restart Your Map:
    • Power off, then power on your map.

Mac User Guide #

  1. Download FileZilla:
  2. Install FileZilla:
    • Open the downloaded file by double-clicking on it.
    • Run the FileZilla application by double-clicking on it and proceed through the confirmation prompts.
  3. Download the updated files for your map.
    Right-Click on each file and select “Save link as” to download
    or download the ZIP file:
  4. Connect to Your Map:
    • In FileZilla’s “Host” field, input your map’s IP address.
    • Use “pi” as the username, “livesectional” for the password, and “22” for the port.
    • Hit “Quickconnect”.
  5. File Transfer:
    • Within FileZilla, navigate to the “/tmp” directory.
    • Drag and drop the four new files into the “/tmp” folder.
  6. Close FileZilla:
    • Once the file transfer is complete, you can exit FileZilla.
  7. Access Terminal:
    • Open the Terminal application on your Mac.
  8. SSH into Your Map:
    • Enter the command: ssh pi@"IP address of your map" (replace with your actual IP address), then press “Return”.
    • For example: ssh [email protected]
    • When prompted, type “yes” and enter the password “livesectional” (note that the cursor will not move while you type the password—this is expected).
  9. Execute Commands:
    • Copy and paste the provided commands (see below) into the terminal—press “Return” after the last one.
    • Download commands as text file here.
  10. Restart Your Map:
    • Finally, type sudo reboot now in the terminal to restart your map.

Congratulations, your map should now be up-to-date and fully functional.

sudo mv /tmp/ /NeoSectional/
sudo mv /tmp/ /NeoSectional/
sudo mv /tmp/ /NeoSectional/
sudo mv /tmp/ /NeoSectional/
sudo chown root:root /NeoSectional/
sudo chown root:root /NeoSectional/
sudo chown root:root /NeoSectional/
sudo chown root:root /NeoSectional/
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